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  • Our minimum price is $3.00, and there is no maximum. All prices must be in whole or half-dollar increments. (Ex. $3.00, $3.50 - NOT $3.75)
  • Price your items to sell!  A good rule of thumb for consignment is to price used items at 1/3 of the original cost depending on condition.  
  • ​​​On our tagging website, you have the option to let your items go for half-off on the last day of the sale. When entering your tag information, be sure to double-check this. When your tag prints, it will print the price for items that will not be sold at half price withe a X. Once your items are checked in at Receiving, you will not be able to make changes.
  • You also have the option to donate items that don't sell, or pick them up.  NOTE:  If you are planning for items to be donated, you should consider allowing them all to go for half price on the last day. 
  • Clothing must be hung on a hanger ​​​​with the open point facing left
  • Group your clothing by gender and size for drop off.
  • Shoes need to be in a ziploc bag and the top should be taped. Tags should be on the OUTSIDE of the bag.
  • If you're selling a motorized vehicle, place the battery and charger in a separate Ziploc bag with your code number and description. Place your price tag on the vehicle. The battery bag will be kept at the front counter.

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Children's Consignment Event

Infinity Event Center 300 Tuttle Cir, Longview,Tx

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  • ​You may register at and follow the directions there for creating your tags. 
  • Decide what you would like to sell!  Basically, anything "kids" goes... clothes, baby furniture, crib mattresses, changing tables, strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats, bicycles, power wheels, rocking chairs, toys, books, outdoor play equipment.  Just make sure all parts are clean, attached and working.  
  • Next, print your tags on white or light colored card stock and get busy tagging your items.  
  • Secure your tag to your items with a safety pin (if clothing) or sturdy tape like packing or painters tape to toys and other items.  Do not use straight pins, tagging guns, or scotch tape - your tags won't survive the sale! 
  • When the sale arrives, bring your items in during any of the scheduled receiving times.   ​

How can I get a pass to shop before the sale is open to the public?

  • You can VOLUNTEER.  Volunteers get to shop first!  It takes lots of help to run the event, so people who volunteer during the sale get the opportunity to shop first. Volunteering is fun, easy, and a great opportunity to meet new people.
  • ​You can CONSIGN.  Participants shop next! When you check your items in, you will get a pass that will allow you to to shop after the volunteers. 
  • You can purchase a VIP TICKET.  Don't have time to volunteer or consign but want to shop with fewer people and a better selection of items?  This option may be right for you. 
  • If you are a NEW MOMMY.  If you are expecting or have a child younger than 1 year old, we want to give you a pass to this special event.  We know your hands are full! Contact us for a pass that allows you and one guest to shop early. Foster families are welcome during this time! 
  • If you are a TEACHER you may register for a ticket and bring a school ID.  This includes all school employees, so if you have a current school district ID grab your free ticket for early entry.
  • If these don't apply, but you would like to shop before the sale opens to the public on Saturday, you can BE OUR GUEST.  Get your ticket and either print it or show on your phone.  

What type of clothing can I bring?  Are there any limits?

  • All clothing must be in good condition, in season and in style.  Clothes with holes, stains or excessive fading will not be accepted.  We accept clothing from preemie to children's size 18; Maternity - any size and season;  NEW - We have decided to extend our sizes to PRE-TEEN.  



  • Maximum of (25) maternity hanging items - any season during any sale
  • Maximum of  (25) newborn - 12 month hanging items - any season during any sale . **CLARIFICATION - if you have both and girl clothing in this category, you may bring 25 for each gender. 
  • Maximum of (25) teen hanging items (anything larger that children's size 18)
  • Maximum of (15) bagged clothing items - any size (onesies, pjs, socks)​

What does "in season" mean?

  • For the spring and summer sale, sweaters, jackets, coats, holiday or heavy clothing will not be accepted.
  • For the back to school sale, anything that kids could wear to school and into the fall will be accepted. There will not be a separate winter sale, so long sleeves, jeans, sweats, holiday clothing, jackets, and coats are also accepted. We will not accept swim suits, tank tops and spring dresses. 
  • Any season infant (NB-12mo.) & maternity will be accepted during any sale. (See limits above.)

Do all clothes have to be on hangers?  Will I get them back?

  • Yes and no... MOST clothing should be on hangers.  The hangers go with the items when they are sold, so you will not get those back.  You may group multiple things on one hanger, like a matching outfit, several t-shirts, multiple onesies, etc.  You may bring up to 15 bagged clothing items for groups of socks, onesies, or pjs. Just so you know, clothing sells best on hangers because people can get a good look at the items and they are easy to find because they are sorted by size and gender.​

How will I be paid?

  • You will receive a check in the mail that will be 70% of your sales, less a $10 participant fee about 7-10 days after the event.  

What happens to items that do not sell?

  • When you tag your items, you will identify whether or not your item will be donated if it doesn't sell. There will be a window of time for you to come and sort through and pick up your items on the last night of the sale.  If you choose to donate, we will give the items to local children and charities.   (If you choose donate on the card, we will not be able to change your preference after you have checked in.)